The Computer Science major offers two concentrations: Computer Systems and Information Systems. Both draw from a common core of computer science courses but differ in emphasis. Both concentrations provide the student with preparation for a career in the computer field or the background necessary for studies at the graduate level.

The core courses focus on the fundamentals of computing—data structures, computer architecture, system software and software engineering, database management and operating systems. Optional courses range from VLSI design and computer networking to graphical user interfaces and object technology.

The Computer Systems concentration covers hardware and software design and prepares students for careers in scientific and engineering applications, systems programming, computer architecture design and software development.

The Information Systems concentration focuses on the theory and application of software development, with emphasis on data processing applications, and prepares students for careers in commercial programming, systems analysis and design, and database management.

Course Descriptions & Major/Minor Requirements

Review the course descriptions and computer science major/minor requirements in the UNC Asheville Course Catalog.

Senior Project

Two of the requirements for graduating seniors at UNC Asheville are to demonstrate competency in their major field of study and oral competency. View the Senior Project Guidelines for more information regarding the proposal and submission of a senior project.

Declaration of Major or Minor

Students can declare their major or minor online.